How is your leadership shaping the future?

The world today is asking big things of leaders and emerging leaders.

Crow on horizonIt’s asking us to look beyond the horizon.  Beyond juggling urgent priorities and making critical short-term goals.  Beyond meeting deadlines, bottom lines and strategic plans.  Beyond taking care of our own needs, and those of our loved ones.  Beyond the realm of leadership as we’ve known it.

It’s asking us to re-imagine our world, our social institutions, culture and ways of living and working.  It’s asking us to create transformation in our communities, organizations, disciplines and sectors.  To heal what is broken in these areas while retaining what’s of value.

It’s asking us to make bigger and bigger commitments to Life.  To take on missions that ask us to stretch, grow and evolve in ways that can seem impossible.

It’s asking us to reinvent ourselves as leaders.  To become the leaders who can pull off these impossible missions.

And it’s asking us to reinvent leadership – our own and the very nature of leadership itself.  To be the leaders the future needs rather than relying on old models.

The world is asking us to be wiser and more creative.  To lead with a vision of possibility in the face of complex challenges and without guaranteed outcomes.  To remember the entire earth community, present and future in all our plans and decisions.  To act with a wisdom that includes the needs and perspectives of all peoples, the earth and future generations.

It’s hard to be a leader in these times.  And sometimes, in the face of challenges, we forget just how much we are doing and how much the challenges are asking of us.

If you are feeling called to rise to these new demands of leadership in a more whole-hearted, skillful way, then it can be easier if you let yourself have the thought-partnership and support you need and deserve. 

I could offer you the right support if…

  • You want a place to reflect on and grow your leadership.  A place you can explore and learn from your leadership dilemmas without being overwhelmed by them.
  • You want to see what is presently foggy and beyond grasp, to lead from a wider, more comprehensive vision.
  • You need to find a more solid ground on which to stand.  To partner with complexity and uncertainty and to find creative answers inside obstacles.
  • You want to expand your capacity for leading social change without working harder and putting in more hours.
  • You want to lean more into your inherent wisdom and creativity, to lead through the magnetism of your being rather than power of your ‘doing’.

A bit about me…

Marilyn Daniels by Donna SantosMy name is Marilyn Daniels, founder of Wisdom Leadership Studio.

I started this business because I wanted to use my understanding of personal and cultural transformation to help those who long to transform the world become the leaders who can.  To help leaders and emerging leaders fulfill their transformative missions with more ease, wisdom and inspired creativity.

I wanted to help bring wisdom more into the forefront of leaders’ lives, their organizations, their communities, their fields and disciplines, their businesses. And into the social, political and economic structures of our world.

Because I believe we NEED the artistry of wisdom to create the next world.

If you’re sensing something missing in the current paradigm and discussions of leadership; if you long for a deeper, wider conversation about leadership and success, and you want to bring your voice to that conversation, please sign up for my list at the top of the page.  You’ll receive:

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In gratitude and appreciation for your wisdom and leadership,


Marilyn C. J. Daniels, M.A., M.Ed., CPCC
Transformative Leadership Coach


“Marilyn, I can’t think of anybody else who embodies evolutionary eldership better than you do.  Seriously. That’s absolutely from the bottom of my heart.”

— Elizabeth Purvis, a.k.a. “The Marketing Goddess”,