What is ‘wisdom leadership?’

buddha mit mandalaI believe there are many components of creative, wise leadership.

And I believe that leading from your deepest wisdom and creativity is what will guide you (and serve the world) best.

But here’s how I see wisdom leadership. 

It’s the ability to…

To value and appreciate who we are at our core and to stretch and grow our capacities as individuals, colleagues, community members and leaders.

To rise above limiting personal identities, collective beliefs, paradigms and trance-states and live into new stories about ourselves, each other and the world.

To see the challenges and opportunities of the present more fully and clearly (rather than closing off in denial, business-as-usual or despair).

To hold a vision of possibility and cultivate our capacity for creativity.  To think, live and lead outside of the box.

To re-imagine what our world and our institutions could be without throwing out the gifts and lessons of the present and the past.

To reach for higher perspectives and more creative solutions through integrating contradictory truths, contexts and experiences.   To rise above polarities and contradictions, to include multiple perspectives.

To include, consider and respect the needs and perspectives of all peoples, the earth and future generations in our visions, actions and decisions.

To speak and be visible on behalf of what matters most deeply.  To be quiet and listen to the earth and one’s own heart and soul.

To partner with the unknown.  To sense into the outlines of the next world without forcing clarity.    To navigate in the midst of chaos, complexity and uncertainty.  To be willing to experiment, learn and course-correct as we go.  To love the questions, imperfections, mistakes, and each other along the way.

To lead from inner awareness and congruency.  To be compassionate with our fears, heal our core wounds, resolve our inner conflicts so that we can be our highest selves and model what we wish to see in others and the world.

To be collaborative and co-creative leaders.  No matter what our individual capacities, we can see more clearly, imagine more fully, create more wisely if we do it together.   To navigate the traps and shadow side of groups and collectivity so that we can access the collective, co-creative wisdom our world needs.

To hold tight to the future of our world while letting go of controlling, directing or knowing the outcome.

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