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Mandala Journey Retreats…

Mandala MakingYou’re invited to be guided by the art-making process, to open to the guidance of your creative knowing to learn more about a particular challenge in your life.

I believe that each challenge is a journey, with a beginning, middle and end.  The purpose of the mandala journey is not to get rid of our challenges (because they are our greatest teachers) but to open to the wisdom, purpose and meaning within them.  For that reason, your mandala will be a work of art, not judged by the proficiency of artistic technique (it can be beautiful or messy!) but because of the meaning that is revealed.

We begin the mandala journey in an opening circle where you will be introduced to the ancient tradition of mandala-making and how they have been used in different sacred contexts throughout history.

Mandalas 2013005After being introduced to the artistic materials and some simple processes, we’ll begin your mandala journey with a guided visualization to quieten the mind and prepare you for your artistic exploration.

Then we work together, being guided by color, symbol, form, feeling, intuition, accompanied by music that will help transport you to a deeper, magical state of consciousness.  You’ll sip tea, take breaks for nourishing food or to journal briefly about your experience.  Or simply to stretch, breathe and BE!

At the conclusion of the journey, we gather again in circle to explore the meanings, symbols and wisdom which emerged from the process.  This is when the deep guidance of the process becomes clearest to us.

What participants have said about their Mandala Journey Retreat experience…

Maryaleen's Mandala

Maryaleen’s Mandala

“I loved it!  Your gentle energy works so well for me.  And your way of not intruding during the mandala-making, but making helpful suggestions. I had some fear come up at first, wanting more guidance and structure so I would “get it right”. 

Then I let myself go into the creative process, almost forgetting it was a ‘mandala’ that I was supposed to be creating.  Soon, I was completely at ease and felt blissfully free and unhampered. 

I really appreciated the depth of your insight that came out during the feedback session.  Thank you for validating the artistic process and giving me the support to express what I needed to express.” 

(Maryaleen Trafford, artist & storyteller, Toronto.)

– – – – – – – – – –

Leah's Mandala

Leah’s Mandala

“This was a wonderful and powerful experience. 

I received guidance from my older self in the meditation.  She told me to keep being open, to trust and to create from a passionate and authentic place.  She was pregnant and said these qualities will help me bring what I desire. 

As a result of this process is I feel more connected to my feminine power and passion. 

Thank you!”

(Leah Cameron, filmmaker, Los Angeles)


About my background…

I have loved creating art ever since I was a child. As a teenager, I continued taking art classes in high school and, because of my love of art, eventually did graduate work in Art History.

CMRCAfter spending several years training and teaching others to appreciate art as an Art Historian, I was invited to join an artists group where I was first encouraged and recognized an artist.  In addition to my experience as a art educator, I am a seasoned facilitator, and Master-Certified Retreat Coach who loves nothing more than diving into the process of art-making with my friends and clients.

I offer both private and group Mandala Journey retreats, and other arts-based dives into the wisdom of your creative soul.

For more information about my private retreats, or to be notified about upcoming group Mandala Journey retreats and other art-based workshops, please contact me!


“I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed our retreat yesterday!  I left feeling energized and thoroughly nourished! Your leadership is exquisite, connective, enriching, inspiring and entirely unpretentious! You are right there on the same (vulnerable) level as the participants, and and the same time in the leadership chair. Such a gift!

~ Ursula Carsen,