The Spirit of My Work: Dedicated to You

The True Spirit of my Work

Is to help those reluctant leaders
Who feel the ground shifting beneath their feet
Experience the sigh of release
That comes from putting down the burdens of Atlas
Letting go of the weight…
Of Recognition, Responsibility, Success, Power and Achievement
Of shoulds, control and responsibility
Of right answers and certain outcomes
Of striving, pushing, strategizing
Of impossible demands and life-draining schedules
And other leaches to the soul
Allowing themselves…
To pause
To breathe
To sink into the chaos and complexity of the unknown
Where they can fully feel their dilemmas
And hear the call of the future
Within the embrace of the fertile darkness.
Melting into their lives…
So they can remember what it means to come home
To their longings
To lost gifts and inner allies
To the wisdom in their soul
To the whispering earth
And open to a more potent power.
And from the strength of this open, vulnerable presence
Growing in courage and in truth
They can forgive the unforgiveable
Find what was lost
See what was obscured
Know what was beyond grasp
And begin to sense the outlines of the next world
Thus reclaiming vision, joy and purpose,
Grounded by darkness, complexity and uncertainty
Guided by the light of a deeper, wider knowing
Trusting their partnership with Life and future generations
They become artists, sowers, weavers and midwives of the next world
Wise, creative, synergistic
Leading their tribe
By the sovereignty of their being.