What is a ‘New-Paradigm Enterpreneur?’

affirmation stonesRecently the lovely Julia Kious Zabell (www.beinvigorated.com), in her telesummit ‘The Conscious Consortium’ invited reflections on ‘what are the qualities of a New-Paradigm Enterpreneur?’  Sharing my responses here.  Would love your reflections on this question!

 Transformative: They see the current system of business as in transition and take responsibility for their role in shaping that transition. They see their business structures, processes, marketing and interactions with clients as opportunities for catalyzing and contributing to that transformation. They see that wherever they exist within the larger ecosystem of business their influence ripples forward, whether or not they see the ultimate results.

Big-picture alignment: their business serves their own needs, the needs of their clients and the greater needs of the world.

Visionary: They hold larger perspective on and visions for the earth, humanity and all of life. They are clear about the difference their business is here to make.

Integrative: They integrate and strive to include / heal polarities and restore wholeness: e.g. they seek to take the best of the past / crumbling paradigm and weave it what is emergent, they honour both masculine and feminine ways of being etc.

Creative: They are on the edge of thought leadership, helping to define larger systems, structures and alternative ways of being and doing.

Self-aware: They know they have blind spots and partial perspectives, so and are open, dedicated to questioning, to curiosity about others’ experiences, to honouring their own inner diversity. They can question and critique and reinvent themselves. Ultimately, they are guided by their best / highest selves.

Co-creative: They act in collaboration and support of other businesses. They are co-creative with life and what is trying to emerge on behalf of future generations.

Wise: They are in touch with the deepest currents of their being, and trust it to guide them and to grow through uncertainty, chaos, adversity and the unknown. They demonstrate wisdom leadership.

What is a new paradigm entrepreneur to you?

What I believe…

Hands and GlobeI believe that Life and future generations are asking big things of us.  It’s asking us for the vision and creativity to re-imagine our world, our social institutions, culture, ways of living and working.

I believe that the complex challenges of our world are asking us to redefine leadership. To reimagine who leads, how we lead, the consequences and responsibilities of leadership.  And to redefine how we think about / the meaning of success, power, achievement and impact.

I believe we are all responsible for the present and future of our world. I believe that what is at stake for our world is too big to place the responsibility of leadership to a few.  It’s asking too much of those leaders and asking too little of ourselves.   I believe the world is asking each of us to take on new levels and forms of leadership in our lives.

I believe that we are all leaders.  We all create ripples of impact with our thoughts and actions, whether or not we know it.  And whether our influence extends to our families, our schools and organizations, our communities or ultimately the world stage, it all matters.  We all matter.  Everyone has a stake in the future and everyone has perspectives, knowledge, context and wisdom that needs to be voiced, considered and included if we are to create a world that works for all.

I believe there are many spheres of leadership and many ways to lead. I don’t believe in one type of leadership or that leadership is reserved for CEOs, stars and politicians.  There are many ways to lead.  We need leaders who teach, who inspire us to think and perceive the world differently, who facilitate change, who wake us up, who deal with the hard issues no one wants to see.  We need leaders who lead and transform organizations and leaders who work outside of known structures, creating new forms of organizing.  We need spokesperson leaders on centre stage and collaborative leaders in our communities.   It’s all needed as we find our way into the future.  Finding your  ‘your sphere and your way’ to lead is essential to your fulfillment and the difference only you can make.

 But the world needs deep wisdom and creativity embodied in its at the core of its leadership.  A deeply creative wisdom that gives us the capacity to reimagine our world.  A courageous, grounded wisdom that gives us the capacity to see the challenges of the present more fully and clearly.  The capacity to navigate in the midst of complexity and the unknown.   To act with an inclusive, integrative wisdom that respects the needs and perspectives of all peoples, the earth and future generations.

The scope and complexity of our challenges, and what is at stake for the future of our world, are asking us to grow and become wiser, more creative leaders.  To be elders, visionaries and artists of the next world.