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1781142_717196881646831_1717587642_oIn 2015 will be a contributing writer to Sybil Magazine, an online magazine serving over 26,000 women.

The theme I’ve chosen to explore in each of the 12 issues is: “Daring to shine”.  Why?  Because despite our advances, too many highly gifted, hard-working, accomplished women still live beneath the glass ceiling of their potential, struggling to realize their fullness of their dreams, talents, values and desires.

And in the struggle, the world is deprived of their gifts, voices and contributions.

I believe that the answer to unlocking our potential as women rests not in working harder, doing more, or earning more rank or credentials. It lays in understanding and releasing the myths that act as hidden barriers to our unique and sacred power. Through honoring our one-of-a-kind gifts, wisdom and perspective we come to see that we are already powerful beyond measure.

The series ‘Daring to Shine’ will explore the myths standing in the way of our sacred power – and the truths that will set us free to become beacons to the world and the future.  To subscribe to the series, please sign up for my newsletter or visit Sybil Magazine.

Workshop Recording:

“Creating your Mess-terpiece: Learning to Embrace Challenge through the Artistic Process”

When we see or listen to a work of art we see beauty in its completed form.  What we often miss is the labour, uncertainty, failed attempts – the mess involved in the process of creation.  So it is with our lives and our world, our most critical ‘works of art’.

Einstein's Office: What's the relationship between creativity and chaos?

Einstein’s Office: What’s the relationship between creativity and chaos?

In this session you’ll be invited to chose one of the messiest parts of your life or business as your art material.  You’ll be guided through a creative, reflective process that will help reveal the beauty and new patterns that are trying to emerge.You’ll come away from the experience seeing your challenge with new eyes and with a heightened appreciation of the critical role art (and chaos) can play in your life.

Click to listen: Artathon_CreatingYourMessterpiece

(Recorded when I was one of the guest faculty at the   Creativity Cafe’s first 21-day Art-thon created by artist friend and coaching colleague Katie Curtin 
Thanks to Katie for allowing me to share this with you.)

Leadership Interviews:

“Asking for the Future” (‘Evolutionary Leadership Initiative’ Project)

Ever wonder about your capacities to predict the future?  Five years ago, as part of a collective book-writing project on evolutionary leadership initiated by Alexander Laszlo, I asked transformative leaders in and around Toronto how they saw the next five years, and what capacities we had (and needed) to navigate the future.  The resulting interviews were deep, poignant and still valuable today.  Here I include two of my favorites, both with wise story-tellers.  Michelle Tocher talks about what fairy tales teach us about spells and the process of awaking.  Mark Jenkins shares two real-life, epic stories of going to the end of the earth, and what they tell us about the leadership capacities we need to cultivate navigate challenge and hardship.

Gnomes and child001My interview with Michelle (43 minutes):

My interview with Mark (59 minutes):

You can learn more about Michelle’s work at or

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Curious about my original 18-page manuscript and what I learned from over 125 interviews?  Contact me if you’d like me to send it to you.

Chapter Excerpt

“Living the Great Work” (in Circles of Transformation: Finding our Way in the Great Work, Trafford Publishing, 2006)

Circles of Transformation 2I am often told that the challenges we face in the world are too big for one individual to make a difference.  Indeed, many of us believe that leadership is best left to others.  But I believe that we are in a time that calls for a redefinition of what it means to be a leader, a time that challenges each of us to take leadership in our lives and in our world.  And I believe that each of us has something unique and valuable that we can offer.  Each of us is called to be a transformative leader.

There is no one work or action that defines transformative leadership because the re-orientation that must occur in our culture, which is in the process of occurring, is so vast and comprehensive.   Transformative leadership needs to occur on multiple levels simultaneously.

It occurs through intellectual critique and deconstruction of our institutions, scientific worldview and cultural paradigm.  It occurs through transdisciplinary discussions and integral learning.  It occurs within troubled organizations and institutions as courageous individuals tackle difficult questions of corporate social responsibility, as they confront the dysfunctional nature of corporate cultures, and as they attempt to integrate and apply spirituality and whole-systems thinking.  It also occurs as talented workers leave traditional organizations to create new structures, possibilities, alliances and different ways of working.

It occurs in the schools, on the streets, in our homes, and in our hearts.   It occurs both as we heal internally and as we turn our gaze outward in an attempt to heal the structures we live in.  It occurs as we compassionately listen to each other, as we confront our own blindness and refuse to shirk away from our own power.  It occurs as we hope, dream, envision, falter, learn from our mis-steps and try again.

Transformative leadership is embodied in the regeneration of life in all of its dimensions.  Although we may be working in very different ways, ultimately, we are all working for and within the same organization – the organization of life.  And it is for that purpose that we must gather our energy, motivation and willingness to examine, experiment, change and find solace and inspiration in each other’s work.

Yes, we need courageous leaders to stand up to multinationals, to facilitate international movements, to initiate new institutions, to stand on podiums and inspire others… we need them to take the risks they take on behalf of the seeds, the water and for future generations.  But these leaders alone cannot accomplish the kind of transformation that is needed.

What is required is that each of us takes leadership in our own lives, in our own families and sphere of influence. Small actions can and do make a difference – to our individual lives and to the way our lives impact and intersect with the whole.  What is our world made of but millions of small actions every moment?  What one does – or doesn’t do – matters.

Transformation does not require us to move out of our lives and become something other than we are.  It simply asks us to mindfully act in our lives, to act as if the well being of the entire web of life matters.