The Archetypal Power of Mandalas

buddha mit mandalaI’ve been fascinated with mandalas since my early 20′s when I studied eastern and indigenous cultures and the art and rituals they created to access higher states of knowing.  Later I found that virtually all cultures use mandalas or ‘sacred circles’ in the process of becoming whole or realizing the divine within.  But it wasn’t until 2008 that I began creating them myself.   My mandala-creation practice was born during the economic upheavals of that year and symbolized, to me, the making and recreation of the world.

Since that time I’ve made literally hundreds of mandalas as a meditative practice.  I have integrated the process into my coaching to create individualized mandalas for clients to hold the symbolism of who it is they (or their business) is becoming.  As a Master Certified Retreat Coach I have also led others through a process to discover their own wisdom and guiding symbolism through making their own mandalas as part of a private or group Mandala Journey Retreat.

Creating mandalas has been a way to integrate my background in visual arts, sacred spiritual traditions and transformative processes.

Several years ago, in recognition of the power of my mandalas, and my love of facilitating circles, I was honoured to be given the name “Woman of the Sacred Circle” in ceremony by an indigenous healer.

Some of my mandalas…

Mandala collage

Purple green collage

Example of a mandala integrated into web banners (, facebook) 

mandala001 copy

WLS_banner orange blue_3

 What clients say about using my mandalas in their marketing material…

Beatriz's 'Empowered Hearts' Mandala

Beatriz’s ‘Empowered Hearts’ Mandala

“I wanted to present to the world my heart’s vision in my marketing materials but unsure of how to do that.  When the idea of a mandala came to me the first person I thought of was Marilyn Daniels; I had been following her on Facebook and I knew she created mandalas.  Marilyn loved the vision for Empowered Hearts (my heart-inspired healing practice).  She worked with me to adjust the symbols and colours until the mandala won my heart.

I had the mandala framed and hung in my healing room as a source of support and inspiration.  It is also in my business card, fliers, and in my Facebook banner. I plan to make bookmarks as well.  I am very happy with the end result; I received a beautiful product from a very sensitive woman who ‘got’ the essence of what I wanted.  I have received many compliments on the mandala but most important I have a living energy as a logo.  I feel it, and people are touched by it. Marilyn’s mandala gave physical expression of THE INTENTION and inspiration from my heart.”

~ Beatriz Marin, Empowerered Hearts, Toronto.

a) Select an Original Mandala from my collection

With the exception of some recent web-based mandalas, all mandalas are created on acid-free paper with water-based brush pens.  The details are outlined in silver or gold gel ink and, as a result, they shimmer and change according to the light.  While they vary in exact size, they are approximately 7 inches (28 cm) square.  Please note: this is only a sample of my mandalas.  If you live in the Toronto area and would like to see my portfolio (or be notified of any upcoming exhibitions)  please click here to contact me .  I can also recommend (and visit with you to chose frame and mat) my favorite framing store.

b) Ask me to create a personalized mandala

When I create a mandala for a client we begin with a one-hour session by phone where we explore where you are on your personal or business journey – right now as well as your vision and challenges.  I then create an individualized mandala which holds the symbols of your journey to remind you what matters and who you are in the process of becoming.  In our final session, you chose between two mandalas and their symbols.  First, you tell me what you see in the two mandalas, and then I share what additional meaning the colours and symbols hold.  When you chose between the two, you chose the details of your life path.  Many clients have framed their mandalas and displayed them in their offices, meditation areas or in their healing practices.  Others have commissioned mandalas to be included on their business websites and business cards.

What others say about their personalized mandalas…

"Athena" Maria's Personalized Mandala

“Athena” Maria’s Mandala

“Experiencing the mandala process with Marilyn can best be described as a sacred gift.

Her insightful questions lead of a depth of honesty that is as healing as it is informative.  When that process culminates in her presentation of a beautiful, personalized mandala, it is truly transformative.  When I look at my mandala, I go back to the honest answers that emerged in my dialogue with Marilyn.

The mandala has become an important touchstone in my journey.”

(Maria Vamvalis, educator, Toronto)

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Fawn Christenson

Fawn Christenson

“Dearest Marilyn,

Your two beautifully created mandalas arrived this evening!! I LOVE THEM! They take my breathe away and I love their vibrancy.

My husband could see why I couldn’t decide one over the other. He agrees with me that the first one catches your eye immediately and the other one fully draws you in.

I do plan to have them matted and framed and to use the image on the entry of my ‘speaker’s reel’.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for these lovely and inspirational mandalas!”

~ Fawn Christianson, Saratoga, CA –


For more information about purchasing one of my mandalas, or commissioning an individualized mandala, please click here to contact me!