Private Coaching

Each of the following options is individualized, personalized and co-creative.  Designed to give you support where you most need it so you can bring more of your gifts and vision to the world…

Option 1: CREATING A STRONG START:  Clarifying Your Road-Map

Depositphotos_1214512_sBook a single 75 minute session to create a clear, strong road-map of where you want to go and why it matters.  Something you can use as a touch-stone in the weeks and months to come.

We’ll dive straight in to the area of your vision or planning that’s most in need of clarification, attention or support.

What you’ll receive: Our work begins before our session.  In advance of our call, you’ll receive some prework, a series of journalling questions designed to help you go more deeply into your vision, goals and planning practices.  I’ll review your responses in advance of the call so we can optimize of our time together. Following the session, I’ll send personalized email support, and suggestions of some practices and resources to support your vision.

This option is perfect for you if you’re in one of these situations…

  • You’ve lost touch with your vision and what most matters to you
  • You’d like to identify one or two projects to support your vision and leadership development
  • You’re clear on your vision and project(s), but aren’t sure how to fit new commitments into an already busy schedule.  You’re a bit lost about where to start and would like support breaking your project(s) down into manageable stages, action steps and/or timelines that will support you and the outcome you want.

Your investment: $250.

 Option 2: DEEP DIVE: Personalized Leadership Coaching

professional female swimmer after jumping with air bubbles trail in blue waterThe fastest and deepest way to create the practices that will help you actualize your vision.

Do you…

Want to find a new approach to working, one that will allow you to take on new responsibilities or projects without burnout?

Long to create more recognition and visibility in your workplace, business, community, or profession?

Want the kind of personalized focus and ongoing attention that can create momentum, offer support through learning-curve moments and grow new-paradigm leadership capacities?

This personalized coaching program offers the one-on-one support you need to…

  • Stay motivated, inspired and accountable to your highest vision by prioritizing what matters on a consistent basis
  • Simplify big goals by breaking them down into small, easily achievable actions that build momentum and impact
  • Prioritize your own balance and self-care so you can remain creative and energized
  • Stay focused on your unique brilliance and capacities so you don’t get discouraged in ‘learning curve’ moments.
  • Respect and work with fear, resistance and unexpected challenges so you can move beyond the glass ceilings they create.
  • Grow your visibility as a new-paradigm leader while leading with more ease, joy, wisdom, creativity, collaboration and self-care.
  • Be guided by your deepest wisdom and creativity, and the bigger picture in the midst of uncertainty.
  • All while paying attention to the bigger picture of your project’s impact and what you want it to create and contribute to in the world.

What you’ll receive:

  • Private sessions for three months.
  • To begin, a longer, more intensive 75-minute session (preceded by journaling questions) designed to clarify your vision, goals and needs
  • Then, 90 minutes private coaching each month.  Choose to use your 90 monthly minutes in the way and pace that works best for you (either 1 long session, 3 short sessions or 2 medium-length sessions).
  • Email support between sessions.

Your investment: $1250 or 3 monthly payments of $450 ($1350)

Option 3: Visionary Project Support for Evolving Leaders

One of the common challenges leaders face is how to to put legs under their visions, to turn them from dreams into reality.  Another is how expand their leadership capacity without getting overwhelmed or burning out.

support this projectWhat I’ve found is that one of the easiest ways is to grow your capacity on a project-by-project basis.

Whether your project is a one-month sprint or a long, complex marathon, I can help you throughout the visioning stage, through the planning, co-ordination and feedback stages.  I can help you to anticipate and respond to unexpected challenges and shortened timelines along the way.

Most importantly, I can help you grow who you’re being in the midst of the leadership project so you can lead with more ease, joy, wisdom, creativity, collaboration and self-care.  All while paying attention to the bigger picture of your project’s impact and what you want it to create and contribute to in the world.

Through a project-based approach, I help you grow and expand your capacity for leading transformation.  But through a heart-based approach, I help you grow as a leader.

My expertise:

As a former project manager who has overseen large and complex projects for diverse organizations, including Sick Kids Foundation, The Association of Fundraising Professionals (Canada), University of British Columbia, and international seminar companies (where I was rated in the top 95% of program managers), my project experience includes:

  • Thought leadership projects (writing books, publishing articles, speech-writing, creating lecture series, strategic retreats and conferences)
  • Community-based and projects philanthropic projects.
  • Creative projects that catalyze shifts in ways of seeing and doing (art exhibits, concerts).
  • Social or cultural transformation projects that contribute to the healing and transformation of our world.
  • Organizational change projects that assess and shift business practices
  • Business growth projects that develop new client programs and bring greater business visibility

Chose from:

One month project support: Start small and test your results before committing to a longer term project or chose to get support for a specific phase of your project on a month-by-month basis.

Three to six month project support: Create a mid-sized project through the visioning through implementation and project feedback stages.

Rates vary depending on length and complexity of project.  Please contact me to learn more.

What clients say:

“The way you coached me helped me understand my work within the larger context of my life and the way I am located in the world at this time in history.  Beyond meeting goals, coaching became a kind of training in how to shift and enlarge my perspective on my work. At my best, I can now view my academic work as part of a process of working through personal and collective predicaments.  This holistic, integral perspective on my work renews my energy and makes me less fearful. I still struggle, but I have more insight into my strengths and challenges. I feel much more at ease with the process of my work. I’m more self-accepting.” 

(Dr. MB, Sociologist)

“As a facilitator of transformative practices and a life coach I’m very particular about whom I choose as my coach and I expect a lot from that person.   You are a truly gifted coach who exceeded my expectations. Your depth and warmth, combined with your keen insight and ability to see beyond what’s spoken, is a true gift.  In just a few sessions, you helped me to resolve the issues I knew I was wrestling with while also supporting me to reconnect to a deeper current of meaning in my life that I hadn’t quite realized I’d strayed from.  I would have been happy enough with my particular problems solved but was elated to find a more powerful sense of purpose and passion return to guide me as I move forward into some challenging times.  You are a blessing.”

(SM, leadership coach)


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