Today I turn sixty

Our culture's view of the Crone.

Our culture’s view of the Crone.

Today I turn sixty.

My breath catches as I say these words.  It catches on decades of being told, and believing, that sixty was “old”, the “beginning of the end”, of irrelevance and dismissal.

In the weeks leading up to my birthday I wondered whether to ignore it or pretend it was just another day.  But the crone is emerging – in both me and in our culture – and her message is loud and insistent.

She stands for something our world needs.  She stands for turning outmoded myths on their heads.  She stands for gaining value and relevance as we age.  She stands for teaching our young women to find their own inner crones.  She stands for the emergence of the soul and of wisdom as an operating principle in our lives, and in the larger currents in our world.

She is one who can travel into the darkness and find light therein.  She breaks mirrors and dares to define herself.   She transmutes suffering – her own and that of others – into insight, awareness, and compassion.  And yet she will lash out when what she cherishes is desecrated.

I have had few positive feminine role models for aging so I cross this threshold gingerly.  Rooting into the archetype of the wise crone to guide me, she is my mentor, my guide, my support.  I call too on my sisters, my younger ‘sage-sisters’ and my older ‘elder sisters’ because we are breaking the molds together, creating a world and culture where experience, wisdom and insight matters.  We are keeping each other honest, real and courageous.

I am also choosing this portal, the day of my sixtieth birthday, to celebrate my ‘coming of age’ by announcing the next form of my business. Wisdom Leadership Studio was birthed in the initiatory flames of the crone goddess in the months preceding this day.  I hope that you will visit, sign up for my newsletter if you’d like to receive inspiration and wisdom resources in the weeks and months to come.  But most of all, I hope that whatever your age and gender, you will take time to listen to the crone within YOUR heart. The world needs her.

Many blessings,